The best-selling author of the book „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ has made negative assessments of Bitcoin in the past. However, he seems to have changed his mind. In this context, it seems that Robert Kiyosaki is betting on Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki seems to be betting on Bitcoin

Businessman Robert Kiyosaki advocates using Bitcoin during the current financial crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. In this sense, Robert Kiyosaki bets on Bitcoin.

Previously, the best-selling author of the book „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ would have shown a negative stance towards the main cryptomoney on the market. However, it seems that he has changed his mind, since he has said that Bitcoin could reach USD 75,000 in three years.

„The economy is dying. The Fed is incompetent. The next payment will be billions in pensions. The hope is gone. Let’s buy more gold, silver and Bitcoin. Gold will be at $3,000 in 1 year, silver at $40 in 5 years, and issued a “no-action” letter, royal mint gold, $250,000 to $20 million, ernst & young, founder of crypto derivative platform acdx, in july 2020, back to early 2020, signed new sanctions, crypto prices plummeted, a fierce competition for blockchain talent at $75,000 in 3 years. Let’s pray for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Robert Kiyosaki also posted a message on Twitter denouncing the actions of the Federal Reserve during the pandemic, and his belief that assets such as gold, silver and Bitcoin (BTC) would be the saviours of investors during this crisis. That’s how Robert Kiyosaki is now betting on Bitcoin.

Rich father Poor father bets on Bitcoin

Where is Bitcoin moving to?
Earlier today, one of our analysts published an analysis of the movements Bitcoin has made in the last few hours and where its price could go.

In it, they detail the short, medium and long term trends in the cryptomone currency. Bitcoin tries to conquer the USD 10,000 barrier. The analysis details that at the time the post was published, cryptomoney was trading at USD 9,350.

Enigma Bitcoin: Where is the price of the BTC going?

Consequences of Binance’s return to China
We recently learned that the world’s leading crypto-currency exchange, Binance, plans to return to its home market, China. The platform was forced to close operations within the Asian country, caused by the amount of regulations imposed by China regarding the crypto ecosystem.

The return of the exchange within its country of origin, seeks the penetration of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology within the country. What it also seeks is to continue consolidating itself as a leader in this sector, and thus give a strong blow to its competition. This, if it succeeds in entering this western world.